Friday, December 10, 2010

draft #2 - the one with the pee

as i move closer to 500 posts,
i thought i'd look through my drafts
and see what didn't make it to the
"publish" stage.

this is one that i actually did publish.
for a few hours.
at the time,
i probably had about two readers total,
and uh, still do.

i won't repost it here,
but it was basically a post about how tired
i was of cleaning pee from around the bottom
of the toilet.
oh, and the back of the toilet,
the wall, and the baseboards.
from g missing his mark,

it made me crazy,
super crazy.
almost two years later,
i am still saying,
"g, go to the bathroom,
pee into the water.
use the force, g."

it is much better these days.
thankfully the whole thing
was just a phase.

mm has never said much about my blog.
but he did not like this post at all.
so i removed it.
but when i read it,
i still think it's pretty funny.


Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Am I reader 3? Cuz I'm still here, just quietly reading.:)
Oh, the pee. I hate the pee.

Anonymous said...

I'm reader #4 and managed to catch this post before it was taken down. Loved it but makes me dread showing Z how to pee standing up. La

pajama mom said...

it is a pain -
but worth it if you are out
and about.
so much easier.