Friday, May 7, 2010

the three little (chuckle)heads

it is official.
all three of our kids
have stuck their little heads
through the banister.

(actually, one kid did it twice,
but i'm not telling which one)

the funny part -
if you think getting your head
stuck in a banister is funny,
which i kind of do -
is my reaction.

first kid -
"oh my god! call 911,
mm get the chainsaw!
get her out now!"

second kid -
"dude, how the heck did you
get your big melon head stuck
in that little space?!?"

third kid -
"are you serious?"

fortunately k is such a peanut
she was able to crawl right through
the banister!

which, come to think of it,
i'm not sure why it took three kids to figure that out.


ann said...

my guess for being stuck twice.....g????

One Sided Momma said...

i'm totally a chainsaw kind of girl so i'm glad sanity prevailed.

pajama mom said...

that would be my guess too,
but it was m. :)