Thursday, May 6, 2010

do you know this woman? (redux)

my mommy* is special!
by k

how old is she?
she's about 11... i think.

how tall is she?
41 inches

how much does she weigh?
20 pounds

what color hair does she have?

what does she do around the house?
cooks stuff

what is her favorite drink?

what is her favorite food?

what is her favorite television show?
cooking shows

what does she cook?
stuff that we want to eat

where does she like to go?
to her mom's house

what is her favorite hobby?
she likes to do laundry

*apparently we have a house-elf,
a vegetarian one,
who enjoys laundry.
and cooking.
please don't tell S.P.E.W.


Sherry Lucas said...

Cute!! If all else fails, at least you are impossibly thin at 20lbs :) Must be all the salad you have been eating since G was in preschool!

ann said...

This is a classic! I love the ones that my girls did in pre-school. Can you come to my house and do laundry??

pajama mom said...

the laundry part is true,
i'm afraid.
it is my hobby.

but i
what is up with that answer?

One Sided Momma said...

"where does she like to go? to her mom's house." i love this one.

pajama mom said...

me too.
sometimes they really
are listening.