Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday confession

friday night i went to bunco.
except there weren't enough ladies
to actually play bunco.

so we ate and laughed,
gossiped, drank-ed, giggled,
ate some more, talked,
and had lots of fun.

it was, oh,
just like regular bunco,
but without dice.

don't tell mm.
he put the kids to bed.
by himself.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.


One Sided Momma said...

great confession - wish i had a night like that. my sunday confession is that i ate pop tarts (nearly) all weekend.

pajama mom said...

lol! me too -
double stuf oreos.

Amy in Atlanta said...

Girls Night Out last Friday night as well. Three friends gathered around the margarita pitcher talking and laughing about what bad moms we can be sometimes and wondering if we will ever win the Mother of the Year Award. Doubt it!

pajama mom said...

we did a little of that too!