Friday, May 21, 2010

don't forget the milk

i don't forget anything.
middle names, birthdays, worthless trivia.

until recently.
i don't know why,
but suddenly,
i can't remember even the most basic things.
middle names (hell, first names), birthdays, worthless trivia.

a couple of weeks ago,
i left the house to take m to gymnastics.
i usually sit for a while and relax,
or go shopping or walking with the other gym moms.
it is me time, and it is fabulous.

mm said,
"remember - come home tonight,
i'd like to go to the gym - i didn't get there this morning."

i said,
"sure, no problem."

i arrived at gymnastics,
started talking,
and my friend said,
"let's run to pat catan's."

and i said,
"sure, no problem."

i forgot about the gym.
not cool.

then last night i leave the house,
to take m to gymnastics,
mm says,
"grab some milk - we're out."

i say,
"sure, no problem."

i purchase the milk,
take it to gymnastics,
and store it in the fridge.
i brag about how i have
accomplished my mission.

not an hour later,
m and i are driving home at 9:30pm.
and i realize
i forgot the milk
at gymnastics.


Crystal D said...

I have the same problem right now. I must repeat each days "to-do" list in my head all day long or else I totally drop the ball.
I am hoping summer cures this illness. **crossing my fingers**

One Sided Momma said...

yep, same ailment in this brain as well. definitely think sunshine and sunscreen will help. should help? might veil it and not help at all but we won't care b/c there is nothing happier making than forgetting something under a big umbrella.