Saturday, September 12, 2009

mountain o' magazines

i think it's pretty obvious that i don't have time to read magazines.

but i'm in denial. i renew old subscriptions, i accept bogo magazines from friends and family. i even picked out cooking light with unused frequent flier miles. cooking light? i think this is definitely a giant red flag. cooking light! ha!

the magazines have piled up. in one of "those" piles that mm hates. every few days or so he will wave his magic arm over the general area of the pile and say, "so are we keeping this here?" or "so what are we doing with this?" or "so are we ready to recycle these?" - to which we would respond with the standard eye roll or bird flip, depending on my mood, of course.

they sat by our bed. in my beach bag. 'cause i had planned to take some to the beach to read. two years ago.

this summer the pile got out of hand, even for me. so i decided to flip through one every night, or every time i took a break.
(read - instead of facebook)

i am pleased to report that i have ready to recycle:
16 better homes and gardens
2 woman's day
10 cooking lights

to be fair, i did read the bhg and the wd, but not the cooking light. i have already donated the 2007 issues to the library because the ingredient lists would put martha to shame. seriously. we just aren't ready for cooking light in our chicken nugget kid world.

i still have three bhg and two family fun - new subscription. and parenting. ah parenting. i just can't make myself read it. i have over two years' worth of these. it makes me feel guilty for not preparing our own baby food, or using cloth diapers, or not using bpa free bottles. and sometimes after a long day of mommy-ing the last thing i want to read about is how perfect mommy-ing should be.

so if you need me, i'll be reading. oh, and if you need a gift for me, i'm thinking lucky? 'cause ya'll know how fashionable i am...

just saying.


Anonymous said...

I just had to cancel BHG. They gave me a rebate for the time I had remaining on the subscription!


Cristie Ritz King said...

US. That is all I can handle. And I don't even buy it-I take my sister's hand me downs.