Saturday, September 19, 2009


on fridays we have a routine.
order pizza at our local favorite.
stroll down to the pet store.
ooh and aah over the puppies.
decide which one we want.
list the reasons we aren't getting one.
sulk back to pizza place.

this last time i was standing at the cage of "rocket hamsters" protecting them from massive internal injuries at the hands of my brood. a lady walks in. she has on a skirt with chuck taylors. tattoos. a black t-shirt, clanky jewelry, and pink highlights.
a scarf.

and the HAIRIEST* legs i have seen on a human. ever.
i can't look away.

*in that instant i thought she was the awesomest person on the planet. i wanted to be just like her. never shave again... i started formulating a plan...

squeals of delight from the three-year-old broke my gaze.

what is happening to me?!?
where are stacy and clinton?!?
i need a fashion intervention.


Anonymous said...

Maybe not a fashion intervention - you are one of the most fashionable people I know. But do you want my dog?


pajama mom said...

three kids and one goldfish is all i can handle. seriously, there used to be two goldfish.