Sunday, September 27, 2009

it's the great race, charlie brown

i've never blogged this early, because i h.a.t.e. mornings.
i'm on my way to the great race downtown.

my goal is to finish without walking. just running. three miles.
and a little more, but who's really counting at that point?

this is big for me. frankly, i haven't set a goal other than get up, get dressed and don't lose it - in about eight years.
(and with the name pajama mom, you can see how that's working)

i'll update when i get back.
oh - and it's raining.

I DID IT! i ran the whole way, averaging 12ish minute miles.
i passed a few people, but mostly i got passed - a lot.
but i finished. slow and steady. ok, freaky slow and steady.

i am soaking wet, a smidgen tired, loving/wearing my new t-shirt, content, and proud.

and like a true champion,
i'll be spending the afternoon at a chuck e. cheese party.


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One Sided Momma said...

very nice, pjmom! you wear that t-shirt proudly b/c a run is a run is a matter what the time (i run backwards i run so lie), you're still out there and doing it- good job!

pajama mom said...

thanks ladies, i'm already thinking about a zoo race this weekend.

and LA - you were most of my inspiration - you look fabulous! i want a "no butt" like yours! :)