Friday, September 25, 2009

grammar police

excerpt from k's new "dora saves the crystal kingdom" book...

"The greedy king has the crystal in his crown! What can we use to fly up to him? Right! Our butterfly wings! Whoa! Rocks are coming right at us! What can use to block the rocks? Yeah, the shield!"

did you catch it?

dudes, if i'm going to read it 42 times a night,
i'd really appreciate a grammar check.


One Sided Momma said...

i am an english geek and cannot take a typo (published, blogs not included-those are charming to me oddly enough). where was the daggone editor? we. i. she. pretty much just an entire missing pronoun. the injustice. for reals.

pajama mom said...

agreed, on published vs. un. :)

it's dora, how hard is it to proof?

i make most of my mistakes posting comments and then am stuck wondering if i should trash it and re-do, or just leave it.