Wednesday, September 16, 2009

butterfly fly away

"caterpillar in the tree
how you wonder who you'll be
can't go far but you can always dream

wish you may and wish you might
don't you worry, hold on tight
i promise you there will come a day

butterfly fly away

got your wings now you can't stay
take those dreams and make them all come true
you've been waiting for this day
all along and known just what to do

butterfly fly away"

(lyrics from hannah montana soundtrack, quite catchy, really!)

if you ever get the chance to do a butterfly pavilion, just say yes.


One Sided Momma said...

sobered me right up. lovely picture too.

pajama mom said...

the kids make me skip this track as i usually start crying hysterically...

One Sided Momma said...

who knew h.montana could bring mommies to their proverbial knees? okay, who knew h.montana's writers would? :)