Sunday, January 25, 2009


yesterday we went to open swim at the ymca. it took a large amount of preparation, packing, and patience, but we managed it.

we arrived at the pool. there were classes going on, so the open swim was restricted to two lanes on one side of the pool. we headed over, (very loudly, somehow the pool magnifies little voices to booming levels) showered, and got in. it was then i noticed the swimmer. she was doing the breast stroke, swimming laps. and she was good at it. we were about to get in her way. big time. probably ruin her timing, her day, her stroke count, and other swim lingo i don't even know about...

we tried to stay in one lane, pretty difficult for a party of five. and of course, the jumping, splashing, loud talking, etc. she gave up even coming near us after the second try. she made her turns earlier, not getting to finish her laps. knowing a couple (literally) of swimmers, i was mortified that she would be extremely annoyed with us. i apologized several times.

she said it was no problem at all.

then - i had this realization - and for the rest of our swim time i just kept thinking...

"please, oh please, don't blog about me!"

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