Friday, January 16, 2009

hidden treasure

on friday nights we usually have pizza. we will eat pizza from just about anywhere - though we prefer napoli's. for the past few weeks mm has been picking it up after work and bringing it home to us. yummy - plus no cooking or clean-up.

for as long as i can remember, mm has been telling the kids crazy stories about the pizza "bubbles" - you know, the parts of the crust that fill with air. he tells grand tales of what he used to find in the bubbles when he was little...

the kids diligently check their bubbles. everywhere. every time. forever.

tonight the kids settled in around the table to eat their pizza -
g opened a bubble and found a m&m! then m found one, and k!

"no way!" i said.
"yes!" they all yelled, very excited.

this man is a keeper.
and very easily amused, apparently.

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