Friday, January 9, 2009

the day pilates kicked my glutes

and yes, i fully realize i'm one of those annoying intruders at the gym. the newbie. it's january, here i am, at the gym. you'd think i'd made a resolution or something. sheesh.

i have seen the enemy and it is - pilates.

yeah - it started off simple enough. calming music, stretching. i'm pretty flexible for my age. seriously. and m got her balance beam skills directly from my me. i'm comfortable in my sock-feet. i brought my vitamin water. i can inhale and exhale with the best. and my back is freaky strong.

the problem... pilates focuses on "core" muscles. i have had three children. i'm not using this as an excuse, i'm just putting it out there. i have NO abdominal muscles. i don't even think they are there to "focus" on. each time i tried to use them, nothing. nada. i have no pain today in my abs, because, i'm telling you, they AREN'T THERE!

oh pilates - i will be back. i will conquer you. you will not have the last laugh. i will wear the cutest workout outfit ever. watch out.

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