Thursday, January 1, 2009

new beginnings

today we put away the crib. not in another room. in the attic.

we set up the third and final big kid bed.

now, i realize we don't need a crib anymore. *you know, the one we paid a ton of money for... the one we definitely got our use out of... it is beautiful, perfect, etc.* but i will miss it.

i am nervously excited to start the next phase of family life.

as well as completely terrified...

the best 2009 to all of you! here's to new beginnings.


Anonymous said...

put ours in the attic too. tho' there might be a chance to use it again. hope so. u might want to keep yours for the same reason. dad b.

Anonymous said...

Who knows - maybe I'll need two at once some day. :) Looking forward to the new toys for Z-man.