Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pieces of me

so, yes, i finally joined facebook.

and everyday i am amazed how all the many jig-saw people of my life are right here in front of me again.

i am usually not on board with sharing personal info, and i still feel like "they" are probably tracking me somehow, but the amusement far outweighs the risk. and as an economist, i've got to go for it on that factor alone.

i have found childhood chums, junior high buds, my church gang, high school friends, college comrades, sorority sisters, neighbors, playgroup moms, grown-up pals. they are woven around me like an intricate web, each one making me who i am today. i could go on and on - choir geeks, latin geeks, TAG geeks, but then you'd start to see a geek theme and judge me accordingly...

i am thrilled to know where they are and how they are doing, excited that these friends i have thought about over and over, are out there, happy. and here we all are - reconnecting. amazing.

it makes me very happy too. cool.

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