Wednesday, August 3, 2011

much older and wiser

"just throw that out, it was only 12 bucks"

"ah, just get a new one, it was only 7 bucks"

"oh toss it, that was like 3 bucks"

"can't we just get a new one later, it was only 20 bucks?"

mm keeps saying,
as we are packing.
oh and i stopped listening after 4,637 bucks.
or so.

i am so on to him.
now he's all - let's get rid of it - we'll get a new one,

but then later he's all - do we really need one?
or - we don't have any money left because
we spent it all on the new house...

i am so much older and wiser this move around.
just pack it, mister.

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