Friday, July 29, 2011

the dumbest thing i ever heard of

we sold our house.
we ended up with a fair price,
and a tidy little profit
to put down on the house
next door.
and start again.

my neighbor told me that when
she told our other neighbor
what we were up to -

and yes, apparently everyone
in the neighborhood knows
pretty much everything about us,
which is oddly creepy and comforting
at the same time -

our other neighbor said,
"moving next door?
that is the dumbest thing i ever heard of."

ignoring the grammatical nightmare,
i was offended!
how dare she say that!
it's our business what we want to do!
it's our decision!
it's a bigger house!

we started looking around at all this stuff.
17 years of marriage stuff.
three kids with stuff.
and all the stuff in between.
the reality of our great idea has hit.

so now i think i agree with her.
it pretty much is
the dumbest thing i ever heard...

stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It will all be worth it once you are settled at the new house!! La

Anonymous said...

And shouldn't your neighbours be flattered you like them enough to stay in the same neighbourhood? La