Wednesday, August 31, 2011

corrupting kindergarteners

dear kindergarten parents,

when my oldest started kindergarten,
there were some of those kids
in her class.

you know the ones.
the ones with - older siblings.

they know way too much
about pretty much everything.
they watch those shows.
the ones your kid is not allowed to watch.
they say lots of things they shouldn't.
really loudly.

they dress really weird,
because they dress themselves.

they don't always brush their hair.

they pick out their own backpacks.

they wear lipgloss,
body spray,
and sometimes,

they do their own art projects.
seriously, all by themselves.

their moms don't take any pictures
of them at orientation.
in fact, their moms don't even think
to bring a camera.

please be advised -
they will corrupt your first borns.
they will tell them dora is dumb.
thomas too.
and your child will come home with questions.
lots of questions.

and for that i am sorry.
because k starts kindergarten today.
and she is that kid.
the one with the older siblings.

best of luck to you all.



OSMA said...

Congrats, K! How does she like it so far?

sherry said...

Haha but she has some kick ass outfit choices!

pajama mom said...

she LOVES it!
i have all three at school -
so weird.

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Yes!! I get it. I'm saving this for September when I'll need to send it too.