Wednesday, August 17, 2011

life with boys

when m was little
i used to meet her godmother
at the mall a lot.

she has two boys,
one a little older than m.

we would always go to the mall play place.
before we went in she would talk
with her boys.

"look at me,
look at my eyes,
no touching,
no pushing,
no wrestling,
no fake wrestling,
no kicking,
no fake kicking,
no punching,
no fake punching,
no fighting,
no fake fighting,
no running,
no jogging,
no shouting,
no yelling,
no jumping,
just play."

i used to go home and tell mm,
and giggle.

now i have a boy.
a son.
and i get that speech now.
hell, i GIVE that speech now.
i bow down.

but i still giggle.
a little.

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