Monday, August 22, 2011

in a flash

on friday, we got up early.
we had lots of things to do.
there was a storm coming.
we took our change to the coinstar-thingie
at the grocery store.
we dropped off the cat at the groomers.
the sky was dark,
but we kept going,
we had lots of things to do.

we finished our errands,
settled at home for more packing,
and m read the weather on her ipod.
she loves to do that.
"flash flood warning" she read out loud.
they worried.
i explained the chances of a flash flood
were very slim.
in the afternoon,
the dark skies opened.
i'm not sure i've ever seen it rain that hard.
the kids got their flashlights,
they worried.
i explained the chances of a flash flood
were very slim.

on saturday, we got up early.
mike went to get the moving truck.
a big day.
we loaded the boxes in the garage.
the kids watched a movie.
we were in our own world.
our neighbor stopped over to help.
he told us there was a flash flood
on one of the main roads to the city.
and some people had died.
we were shocked.
we kept packing.

later, he stopped back over.
the people were from here.
our town.
our people.
so sad.

then i got a call.
it was the griffith family.
our town.
our people.
our kids' friends.
my friend.

yesterday, i took my children
to a candlelight vigil at the school.
i wasn't sure they understood.
then i watched m hug her friend,
and comfort her for the loss of
her best friend and neighbor.
i watched g give another child his tissue,
and i cried because i knew they did understand.

on the way home,
they talked about flash floods again,
i started to explain the chances of a flash flood
were very slim, but i just couldn't.

then they asked this question,
"where was God?  why didn't he save them?"
i didn't know how to answer.
still don't.

and i am changed.


sherry said...

I cried just reading this :'-( the photos still get me do every time. I miss them so much. You are so right...we are all changed but the good thing is that we all have each other <3

pajama mom said...

hugs to you!