Friday, July 30, 2010

no fun zone

these days,
we seem to have entered
the no fun zone.

it is kind of like the twilight zone,
without the unexpected twist.

the kids get out a toy(s)
then spend the next hour
arguing, swapping, dealing, wheeling,
fighting, jawing, taunting, defending,
debating, swindling, jabbing, dodging,
weaving, yeah, i could go on,
but you get it.

i am the referee.

and all this just for
the set up!

they never make it to
actually PLAYING.

it's exhausting,
well, for me anyway.
they spend all of their time -
setting up,
choosing sides,
picking pieces,
assigning roles,
and then POOF!

they move on to something else.
nothing left but the mess.
cue creepy music.

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