Tuesday, July 6, 2010

guest blogger - papa

my work car is an 89 s-10 pickup, pretty plain even in 89. it belonged to my father-in-law, the kids' great-grandfather. it is "a beat-up work car" - peeling paint, rust, dents, much worn upholstery, etc. i think the kids like it because 1 it is different and 2 no rules. they play in it, on it, can't hurt anything. if something spills it's on top of 20 other stains. dirt isn't a a problem since it rarely gets cleaned. g'mother will ride only as a last resort. they argue over ride turns.

from m's first ride in it:

m: "what's this?" pointing to handle-knob that rolls the window up/down.

i explain.

m: "how does it work?"

i demonstrate. her face alights.

m: "can i do it?"

duh. has papa ever said "no"? window up/down for the next 15 miles. wind alternately not/blowing in our faces. best car ride ever.

m: "why don't new cars have these?"

good question. simple. reliable. can't be disabled by dad from driver's seat. permissions not required. perfect. it takes me few beats to answer. "why don't new cars have these?" humm.

"i guess they just don't make new cars as good as old ones."

answer accepted. no more questions.

note to current or prospective parents: do not allow one word questions. from "The Last Lecture" i wish i had read that a long time ago.

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pajama mom said...

i enjoyed riding in the truck before this truck. paw-paw let us ride in the back! gasp. and shh.