Tuesday, July 27, 2010

no laughing matter

this past weekend our good friends
from college stopped by for the night.
they are driving from
maine to florida.
this after driving from
florida to maine.
with their three kids.
and their dog.
complete saints.

they came bearing lobster.
we talked while the kids played.
we laughed.
the next day it poured the rain.
the kids played anyway.
i always forget to play in the rain.

when i was putting m to bed,
she asked me to sit with her for a while.
i answered,
"i want to talk with my college friends now."

she said,
"what did you do in college?"

"oh, we laughed, a lot."
i said, reminiscing.

"you used to laugh?"
she said, pondering.

really? has it been that long?


Cristie Ritz King said...

oh. oh. oh. i get it. we must get together soon. and laugh.

One Sided Momma said...

"and it poured the rain" is my new favorite thing to read, say, sing. love it.

and also? i'm coming w/you and crk for the getting together and the laughing. just try to stop me.

Crystal D said...

I wish, so bad, that you were coming with us next week. I plan on doing a lot of laughing and then coming home and doing a lot of hugging.

pajama mom said...

laugh extra hard for me!
and eat some of those cupcakes again!