Monday, July 7, 2008

parent's delight

ho-tel mo-tel hol-i-day inn...
if your kids start actin' up...

ahhh fourth of july weekend - spending the night in a hotel room.

i have to admit, it went way better than i ever thought, although g kicked me for almost 6 hours straight. that child is restless. i'll make sure not to bunk with him on the way to the beach.

we also didn't get free breakfast, what is even up with that?!?! fortunately there was a 7-11 next door with coffee, pop tarts, and chocolate milk. plus doughnuts!

the kids loved the pool, and i enjoyed the hot tub, i tried not to think about the fungus, and just chilled.

the best thing was the "green" i saw in the hotel. light bulbs, fabric shower curtain, low flow shower head. probably saving them a ton of cash, but still kind of cool.

we got pizza sauce and marker on the sheets, but so what? gotta love it.

oh - AND - we weren't the loudest people there... hip hop hippie!

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