Tuesday, July 1, 2008

28 minutes

i just spent 28 (count them) minutes at the library with my kids. i signed k up for a storytime and *thought* the other two could read some books while she listened to her story.

mind you, i am not frazzled because these things happen to me, i am frazzled because even with mountains of scientific proof that i shouldn't, i still leave the safety of my house...

our 28 minutes, broken down -

2 minutes in the parking lot, trying to unbuckle everyone who is crammed in the backseat of mm's car. the suv is with mm.
2 minutes checking in - one to actually check in - one to find my kids after checking in.
1 minute to get k settled into a spot.
1 minute to get g settled into a spot.
1 minute to get m settled into a spot.
4 minutes k stayed in her spot and listened to a story about butterflies.
2 minutes with g while he looked for a lego book.
2 minutes with m while she whined about not getting a turn on the computer.
2 minutes to change k's pull-up, that has already soaked my shirt.
1 minute to get our craft "to go".
2 minutes with m to pick out a book to take home.
1 minute to pick out something for me to read.
2 minutes to check out.
1 minutes to fill out summer tickets to put in the raffles.
2 minutes for kids to decide what raffle basket they want to put the tickets in.
2 minutes in parking lot cramming kids back into mm's car.

seeing it all typed out it doesn't look THAT bad. maybe i'll try again tomorrow...

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