Friday, July 4, 2008

the underrated ramekin

a few years ago i received some ramekins from my mother. they sat in my cupboard and collected dust until her friend sent me this recipe from oprah. it is one of those super-yummy desserts that is easy to make, and makes a good impression on guests. like you worked all day...

when i saw that fiestaware makes ramekins also, i bought some more. they have to match my dishes, no?

real point of the post - since we have purged our house of all plastic, these little ramekins have become indispensable. the kids haven't broken one (yet) either. some examples of what we have used them for just in the last few weeks...

mac 'n cheese bowls
rice bowls
chili bowls
strawberry shortcake
cheez-it containers
small cereal bowls
fruit salad
regular salad
syrup bowls
veggie dip bowls
ice cream bowls

they are the perfect kids' size. love them! does anyone else love their ramekins?

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