Monday, July 21, 2008

14.333 infinity

number of hours spent coming home from an otherwise perfect vacation...

saturday - spent some time swimming in hotel pool, then headed on to hilton head. walked on the beach in our clothes, i personally think there is nothing better than hopping out of the car and heading straight to the ocean. unpacked our car and went to the grocery store. some highlights of our house - a 3-hole putt-putt course in the basement, foosball table, and air hockey, although we never found the paddles. a swimming pool, that i think i liked almost better than the ocean, and SPACE. all of the rooms were huge. very cool.

the rest of the days go something like this - mornings on the beach and afternoons in the pool. eating something really yummy for dinner - chicken parm night, mexican night complete with homemade guac, bbq night, surf and turf night, etc. food was a real highlight, as everyone took turns making their favorite dishes. playing games and talking until way too late.

a couple of nights we got the kids ready for bed and the moms went shopping. one night we all went to harbour town to see the lighthouse and gregg russell. one of the kids in our group got picked to come up on stage! he sang country roads. everyone cheered!

we had a couple days of scattered showers, and one day of all-day rain. the kids and dads went to the beach anyway.

saturday - driving. a lot.

i could go on and on - crafts with the kids, getting some sun, diving for quarters, t-shirt shopping, i really couldn't have asked for a nicer vacation.

"ah, how good it feels! the hand of an old friend."
henry wadsworth longfellow

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