Wednesday, July 23, 2008

la ti da

before our vacation, i spent some time in gabe's wandering. it is one of my favorite new hobbies. i picked up this outfit for k - i thought it was beachy and cute. it was on a rack marked "sweet potatoes". i also got her a blue and green flowered dress. the next rack was the same brand, bigger sizes. so i got m hot pink and lime green floral-ish marimekko shirts. i did not buy the skorts that matched because they were a little to short for my liking. each piece was $4.99, and after i racked up $25.00 worth of clothes, i figured i'd better stop. old age has done this to me...

little did i know...

fast forward to the "la ti da" boutique at hilton head. i don't remember the actual name of the place... so i'm walking around looking at all the expensive kids' clothes, and on the back wall, a whole display of sweet potatoes! the outfit pictured above - $44.00! i also saw the dress, and the shirts i bought for m, all weighing in at $20.00 or more!

let's hear it for hobbies! la ti da!

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