Saturday, June 18, 2011

a night out

"my boss asked if we wanted to go
to the urban garden party,
but i told him no thanks."

"you wha?
why would you do that?"

"some outdoor party
at a museum,
you have to dress up,
there's food and stuff,
i don't know,
it sounded like fun,
but we'd have to get
a baby-sitter, blah, blah."

"you mean we finally get to go
on a date, out with other
grown-ups, eat real food,
wear nice clothes, see art,
and hire the sitter for
something other than walking
around best buy,
and you said no thanks,
just like that?"


"tell him you changed your mind!"

so we went.
to the urban garden party.
and it was incredible!

some of the highlights -

figs wrapped in bacon!
goat cheese and craisin sandwiches
biodegradable water bottles
don't get me started on the desserts
coffee bar

belly dancers with live snakes
marilyn monroe on stilts
king kong
marx brothers
audrey hepburn
carmen miranda(s)

we also got to walk around the museum,
which was really different and fun.
and the gift shop was cool too.

the best part of the night for us was
andrew and andrew,
the djs.
they dj-ed with their ipads.
we loved them!

all in all, a great night out.
i'm so glad mm suggested it.

p.s.  did i mention the figs? 
wrapped in bacon?

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