Friday, June 10, 2011

keeping house

i have to keep the house clean.

things i have learned
while having my house on the market.

1.  dust.  i really think dust is out to get me.
2.  bathrooms.  lock them.  except for one.
3.  crumbs.  eat in the kitchen.  at the counter.
4.  furniture.  don't sit on it.
5.  laundry.  do a load.  put away a load.  repeat.
6.  towels.  hide them.
7.  beds.  make them up.  yourself.
8.  dust.  again.
9.  declutter.  i don't even know what is in the garage.

that's it for now.
oh, and it's only been one day.
yes, i will be completely insane soon.
the end.

p.s.  funny all the headlines say,
"worse than the great depression,
worst housing market ever."

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