Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday confession

when i was dating mm,
i visited his house in buffalo several times.
one of the things i remember
was their color-coded socks.
each family member had a different
color thread,
sewn on the end of each sock.

at the time, i thought this was a little weird,
(although i appreciate the type a-ness immensely)
i mean, how could you not know which socks
belonged to which kid?

and now,
i have three kids of my own.
plus me and mm.

i totally get it!
our socks all look the same!
same black sport socks,
same gray sport socks,
same white everyday socks!
all approximately the same size!
it takes a ph.d. to sort them!
it is not unusual to have 35 pairs
or more in the laundry basket!

so the questions i ask are
where is my thread?
who can sew?

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Ha ha, I used that system too after I saw it in use there.