Monday, May 9, 2011

happy unmother's day

it is monday morning.
no one got out of bed on time.
note to self - stop pressing snooze.

no one got dressed on time.
no one ate breakfast on time.

m and g sprinted to the bus stop.
wonder if they have lunch money?
ah well.
note to self - find lunch money.

i loaded the dishwasher,
started her up,
along with the washer.
with the first of five loads from a weekend of
soccer, communions, dress clothes, and guests.

i showered in 32.2 seconds.
loaded up k for school,
along with the cat.
vet day.
hopefully he won't notice bear's whisker trim,
courtesy of k.
yes, snip-snip, and they were gone.
all of them.
note to self - put scissors up higher.

dropped off k at school,
forgot her backpack.
note to self - remember backpack.

headed over to vet's office.
bear puked in his cat carrier.
note to self - stop driving like a madwoman.
he apparently gets car sick - who knew?
he did NOT like this situation.
neither did i.

pulled over,
let cat out,
cleaned up cat puke with several
napkins from various fast-food places,
along with the last of my anti-bacterial wipes.
note to self - buy more anti-bacterial wipes.
stuffed all used napkins and wipes into kid's cup
from my mother's day dinner out.
note to self - clean out car.

arrived at vet's office.
covered with cat hair -
bear rode the rest of the way on my lap howling.

listened as vet explained new flea medicine options.
note to self - remember this!
forgot everything he said as soon as i walked out of the room.
thankful he didn't seem to notice the missing whiskers.

arrived home to drop off cat.
started another load of laundry.

it is not even 10am yet,
but mother's day is over, people.
with a vengeance.


Osma said...

My comment was going to say "it's just not right," until I noticed your label!

And yet,


It's just not right.

Every good mama needs a robot of herself (or Curtis Stone) to remember, lend a hand, and assist with all of it.

Bonnie said...

Note to self: purchase 3-4 additional alarm clocks.