Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sometimes procrastination works

for weeks now
our dryer has been broken.

i mean, it works,
but it doesn't turn off.
it just keeps drying and drying.
if you close the door it starts
all on its own.
but if you leave it open the cat
will sleep there.

so eventually i learned
to unplug the dryer
after folding the clothes.
close the door,
and then it couldn't run.

after a while i got the routine down nicely,
but we talked a lot about getting a new dryer,
as this one had the potential to burn our house down.

then, over the weekend,
it was fixed.
no more problems.
i guess sometimes procrastination works.

please don't tell me if you still think it has the
potential to burn our house down...

~fingers in ears lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala~

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