Wednesday, May 18, 2011

not so wordless wednesday

k's first preschool graduation

k graduates from preschool tomorrow.
but today, let's tell a story.
a story from her past.
a story about her first preschool graduation.
m's preschool graduation.

she was about six months old.
g was two.
m was four.

we got up at the crack of dawn.
and got ready for hours.
everyone looked perfect.
and i mean perfect.

k wore the cutest sailor dress you have ever seen.
a gift from one of my mom's friends.
cutest. dress. ever.

we packed everyone up and headed over
to the preschool.
mm took m and g inside to get ready.
m went with her class.
mm and g scoped out the perfect seat.
in the front.

i loaded k in the frontpack.
we walked into the building.
k pooped.

all up her back.
all down her legs.
all over me.
all over the frontpack.

i was not prepared for this.
at all.

i had a diaper and some wipes.
that's it.
i was prepared to be gone for an hour
and then be back at home.

we went into the bathroom,
i started to clean her up.
i started to clean myself up.
mm called me.
i may or may not have cursed into the phone.
most likely.

i lined the frontpack with paper towels.
i put her back in,
with a diaper but no clothes.
no cute little sailor dress.
we walked into the auditorium.
and sat, yes, in the front.

that's when i looked down and noticed -
the sunburn.
yes, on my six month old naked child.
because who thinks of sunscreen in may?
no one, that's who.

so here is a picture of her first graduation.
and here's hoping tomorrow -
there are no poop stories.
fingers crossed.

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