Monday, February 28, 2011

sweet weekend

hello, darlin'.

this weekend m had a gymnastics meet in hershey, pa.
last season we would have taken the whole family,
stayed in the same tiny hotel room,
got ready,
checked out,
sat at the meet,
and drove home,
all together.

oh, how we have learned since then!

this time, m and i went together,
just the two of us.
and it was wonderful!

(aside from the tiny guilt i have about telling the little kids
that chocolate world was closed.
or something like that.
i know.)

anyway, we spent the night at the hotel,
got up, got ready, and went to chocolate world.
which apparently is open year 'round.

then we went to the meet.
and i sat as close to mary lou retton my gymnast as i could get.
i stared at mary lou retton my gymnast the whole time.
i ate whatever mary lou retton was eating i wanted.
i took lots of pictures of mary lou retton my gymnast.
i wasn't freaky or stalkerish nervous at all.

and then.  then.
the awards.

i took a hundred pictures of kerri strug my gymnast getting her medals.
second on vault, third on bars!

"remember to eat your wheaties!"

such a sweet weekend.
chocolate and two three of my favorite athletes.
i shall be in a sugar coma for weeks to come.


Bonnie said...

I just gave Jim my last candy bar to get it out of the house. I spent some time looking at bathing suits today and even ordered one. Sure that I will be svelte by the time the season arrives.

pajama mom said...

that jim is a good man.