Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the pj 500

well, as you have no doubtly noticed,
(is doubtly a word?)
i've been dragging my feet with the whole 500 thing.
part of me doesn't believe i've actually written 500 posts.
that nobody has read!

i've come a long way since i started,
i don't wear my pajamas in public anymore.
very often.

my kids are older now,
they can do things for themselves.
not everything,
but enough.

i have to admit,
i started slacking.
not teaching as much,
figuring they have heard it before.
they already know the rules.
so i relaxed.
a lot.
probably too much, truth be told.

i've read some books,
i've knitted,
i've took some time for myself,
because i convinced myself i deserved it,
and i do!

but not quite yet.
they aren't completely independent yet.
they still need me.
i still have a lot to teach them.

so tell me -
what did you like about the last 500 posts?
de-lurk yourselves!
let me know which direction to head for the next 500.
because i'm clearly slacking.
but i still feel like i have a lot to say.
maybe i can say it in my blue jeans?


Anonymous said...

It's not about the time that has passed but about all the life, love, and happiness you've fit into that time. That is what your 500 posts have shown.
Love, La

One Sided Momma said...

your honest, no frills, brilliantly funny look at the every day stuff of moms, wives, kids. all in less words than it takes for me to flipping comment. :\