Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another puke post

list of foods i will not eat because
i've puked them up...

orange juice
cinnamon gum -
(it's a schnapps thing, don't ask)
angel hair pasta
pad thai

g came home from school yesterday,
"mom, my stomach hurts."

"oh, eat dinner you'll feel better."

"no, it really hurts."

"maybe go to the bathroom?"
more denial.

needless to say,
he didn't eat.
but he did start puking.
every hour.

i don't do puke.
i won't be holding your hair.
i'll be at the door asking if you are okay.
from afar.

i felt so bad for him,
i didn't even get that upset that he
couldn't hit the trash can by his bed

so we put down bath mats and towels,
changed sheets every hour.
washed sheets every hour.
around 3am he realized he wasn't going to school.
that made him smile.
a little.

anyhow, point of the story?
there is one, i think?
oh yeah,
i won't be eating hot dogs again anytime soon.
and i don't think g will either.

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