Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hockey night

i watched the pens play last night. and for some reason these memories came back to me...

my very first trip to buffalo was spring break of '92. also know as the blizzard of '92. i was amazed at the amount of snow - at least 5 feet - and at the way people just pushed it aside and went to work.

people actually live in this tundra? like year-round? seriously?

mm's family was headed out to shovel the driveway. i quickly played the unprepared card. oh gosh, i didn't bring my warm gloves. i guess i won't be able to help. i'll just have to stay in here with my hot chocolate. to which my future in-laws smiled and pulled out a GIANT tub of winter accessories. we have plenty! oh gee thanks, that is so great. touche.

so i shoveled. and shoveled. and anyone that knows me can laugh now. go ahead. my in-laws love this story.

anyway, that evening, mm got tickets for the sabres game. we bundled up and drove downtown. mm parked the car and we walked to the arena. as soon as i stepped out of the car, the wind, knocked the breath out of me. it. was. so. freaking. cold.

"how far is the arena?"
"not far."
"but i don't even see it."
"not far."


it was my first hockey game. i did not want to go. hockey is so barbaric. i am not a violent person. i avoid confrontation. always. (hence the shoveling)

mm bribed me with nachos. hey, he knows me. we sat down for face-off. my toes were completely frozen. but then guess what happened?

i loved it! every crazy second. i loved the hits and fights and the nachos. the way the blood bounced off the ice. how teeth went flying, but were rarely noticed. and when they sent rob ray in to exact some revenge. to kick some ass. psychologists go figure.

we have been to many games since. but now we park much closer.

and since the sabres are watching from home - i guess i'll cheer for the pens. shh. don't tell mm.

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