Thursday, May 7, 2009

5 things

pajama mom's list from pittsburgh.
(because yinz know yinz need a list from the 'burgh!)

read here for my inspiration - the traveling circus - love this blog.

5 great things about being a mom...

5. i can now blame my disney obsession on my kids. whew!

4. my kids kicked my ocd's ass. and guess what? i don't miss it so much. i fought it for a while, don't underestimate my ocd, but i get it now - my kids have made me a better mom by forcing me to look at what's really important in life - and it ain't dirt.

3. stained clothes = no biggie. just pretend like you've never seen that stain before... "oh my gosh, that must have JUST happened!"

2. kid food. come on, ya'll know you love it. just admit it already.

1. butterfly kisses. playing in the rain. hot chocolate. flashlights. bugs. glitter nail polish. movie night. coloring. fleece blankets. princess dresses. knock-knock jokes. play doh. tea parties. legos. popsicles. giggles. tub toys. juice bags. band-aids. pokemon cards. yahtzee. squirt guns. dancing. dodgeball. sand. bikes. bubbles. nature hikes. chocolate milk. chapter books. artwork. backpacks. pop tarts. bear hugs. never having to grow up. ever.

there are a couple of other mom blogs that i read and adore. if you see this, i would love to see your lists...

my big fat italian-polish family - new baby in 'da house!

real simple - makes me chuckle.

i also peek in on motherhood uncensored.

all right, now it's your turn. do you have a list?

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Cristie said...

I love movie night!! Also, I'm currently reading ahead in Faith's newest chapter book-what a great excuse to read adolescent literature.;)