Thursday, June 26, 2008

vacation time

last year we started a new tradition. vacationing with our college friends. oddly enough three of the couples (including us) lived on the same co-ed floor freshman year, and ended up married. the fourth couple are high school sweethearts that we met just a little later. between the four couples there are eleven kids! once about ten years ago we all went to nags head, before kids, and now are re-starting the family vacation tradition.

this year is hilton head. mm and i are used to vacationing with parents (read - money) and so paying for a beach house on our own is not fun. makes me appreciative of all the beach vacations i had growing up.

as we start to pack i am reminded of all the things that have happened since our last vacation. or rather, all the things that haven't happened...

i haven't exercised in a year - except for 10 days on the bike - a new year's resolution gone horribly wrong.
i still have the SAME summer clothes as last year - even the swimsuit.
i am no tanner than i was last year at this time when i was the palest woman on the beach.
i haven't learned to count cards in phase 10 - darn it!
my kids still don't drink near enough water.

even though my closest friends are about to see that my post about the extra 5 lbs. around my mid-section is actual reality, there is good news...

they are my closest friends - and they don't give a poo about any of the things i haven't done this year - because i think they like me okay the way i am.

oh, and - we are going to be SO busy with our kids that no one will even notice my "mom tan" - think farmer tan but with capri and flip flop lines...

see you soon girls! i can't wait to hit the beach!

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