Wednesday, June 18, 2008

home school

after a few mornings of wrestling and jumping on couches, i have started a home school. the kids sit around the table and do worksheets. they actually like it - for a little while.

g is a master mathematician - but i figured out that while he can say the answers - writing them is a different story. will work on that.

m has a summer math booklet, if she finishes she gets a prize.

k scribbles with various art utensils and makes quite a mess.

but for a moment they all sit. and yesterday i wiped down the stove and this morning the dishwasher. i had no idea that something that is cleaning our dishes could get so disgusting. i mean, really disgusting. but it looks better now. the magic eraser is a wonder tool.

on to the microwave, that we said we were getting rid of... so i let it get totally grimy, but we still have no new one, so i will clean again for now. how long do microwaves last? ours is 14 years old and going strong.

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