Tuesday, June 24, 2008

learning 'bout lincoln

mm has lots of books. he loves american history. i personally avoid that space on the trivial pursuit board. history tends to get jumbled in my head as i can't keep a clear timeline, or match the appropriate people with the right event.

i prefer mysteries. fiction. romance.

i picked this one off of our shelf. mm said he really liked it. that can mean i will like it too, or it will put me to sleep in 10 minutes... either way, i'm a winner.

i wouldn't say i can't put it down, but it is holding my attention. and it has a little mystery and romance. and i feel like i should have been taught all this at some point. maybe history class would have been a little more interesting. or - maybe i WAS taught all this stuff - i was just asleep?

obviously, we all know what happens, but the details are exciting, and i'm learning what a "cool dude" lincoln was, and how different our country might have been if he had lived. good stuff.

**green update** moved on to food. shopped in the organic section of the grocery store for more than a few items. i realize i am late on all this stuff - but better late than never, yes? found organic "go-gurt" tubes. really cool, the kids have been missing those since we removed red-40 from their diets last fall.

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