Monday, April 28, 2008

sweet little lies

i'm filling out "the" forms. you know... the ones for kindergarten...

can recognize letters - check.
can recognize numbers - check.
can spell name - check.
can write name - check.
can take care of own bathroom needs - ummm, check.

(the dreaded "wipe your own butt" clause!)

yes, i checked it, okay? i've got all summer to work on this, right?!?

as an economist (and a mom) i am not above using remunerative incentives to get what i want.
i found out very quickly the incentive for "taking care of own bathroom needs" with m the summer before she went to kindergarten. a quarter. that's it. quarters well spent i say! cheers to the incentive-based family economy!

where's that change jar?

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