Saturday, April 26, 2008

makin' whoopee

another season, another reason...

there are many reasons i love my husband, one of which is that he does the grocery shopping... another is that we have the same sense of humor, although sometimes i am loathe to admit it.

today's grocery purchase - get ready for it - a whoopee cushion?!?!

giant eagle truly, truly, has everything. i am in awe.

i can hear him giggling as he opens it up in the dining room. that boyish giggle, the one i like the best. he sits it on the chair and invites the kids over for a demonstration. bursts of laughter spill from the room. the big, hearty chuckles. then i hear them whispering. "mommy, you look tired, come in and sit down..." so i do. a slow, drawn-out sit down... and we all laugh, me the hardest.

another season, another reason, indeed!

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Carla said...

that is it!