Saturday, April 26, 2008

2 cents

this morning we are cleaning up our house. by cleaning, i mean putting the clutter away so we can see the floors. then later we can actually clean. cleaning is my thing. or at least it used to be. it has been hard for me to give up the cleanliness in exchange for giggles and time outside. but i am getting used to it. there will be plenty of time for cleaning when everyone goes to wvu. or so i'm told...

anyhoo - genius mommy and daddy have offered 2 cents for every item that is put in its proper place. m is up to 60 cents. g (who seized this opportunity for "free" money) has been running around non-stop. i think he is over a dollar now.

good investment - who says parents don't come up with good ideas every now and then?

there is a sippy cup - 2 cents for me!

p.s. yes, there are plenty of things to make a small nest egg here. come on over!

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