Friday, April 25, 2008

h & m

while k is napping, i'll let the laundry wait as share my sad h & m morning.

last weekend, the "girls" and i spent an ENTIRE day shopping. i had the best time, and i can't wait to go again. we almost closed down macy's at 11pm...

we went to h & m at the southside works. i found lots of tops that i liked, so i picked them out in my size. "aren't you going to try them on?" my friends inquired. "umm, no! like i've been this size since ninth grade!" i insisted.

flash forward to our house. hello?!?! why won't these damn tops fit over my shoulders? why do i look like a stuffed sausage? why didn't i try these on???

conclusion - h & m is for tiny women. translation - the tiny woman i used to be before three kids.
so this morning i got everyone to school and then drove over to the mills to "up" the sizes. not fun to tell the 20-something hottie that i'm actually 2 sizes bigger than i am in my mind. but did i try them on? "umm, no! like i'm sure they will work out fine."

did i mention i also have a few things to take back to ann taylor loft too? apparently they put in those dressing room thingies for a reason...


Carla said...

cara, you are so funny! maybe we can get together for a trip to ann taylor loft when you want to return those items...i still have gift cards that need to be used!

Laura said...

I'm still laughing. Next time I'll make you try on the clothes. Let's plan another day soon.