Friday, September 3, 2010

clouds in her coffee

when i first started drinking coffee,
i was at a wedding in louisville.
m was with us,
she was 15 months old.
staying in a hotel with her
was no fun.
i was completely exhausted.

one of my mom's friends
told me a secret.
put a little hot chocolate in the coffee,
and i wouldn't notice the taste.

that weekend became a coffee drinker.
coffee drinker.
from that place.
that place i still love to go to.
on special occasions.

my friends told me that soon,
soon, i wouldn't care where
the coffee came from,
i would just drink any old kind.
not me, i said, never.

but they were right.
eight years later,
i will drink any old kind.
i just need a little sugar,
and a lot of creamer,
and i'm good to go.

but i miss that time.
that time in the beginning,
when coffee was new to me.

when my kids were little,
i used to sing to them
"the good morning song" -
i opened their blinds,
smiled and sang,
"good morning,
good morning,
the best to you each morning!"

(which i learned from my mother,
and might be a beatles song,
or a corn flakes commercial,
or a hybrid of the two)

but after a while i stopped.
i don't know what happened,
i just did.
now i just get them up,
any old way.

but i miss that time.
that time in the beginning.
when everything was new to me.
and i want it back.

starting with the
good morning song.

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Cristie Ritz King said...

Take it back girl! We have started turning off the television after dinner and reading on the couch together again. Even if the books don't suit everyone-no matter, they love it just the same.
I missed it too. The time when they want to be near you, because you are nice. I wasn't so nice anymore so I decided to take it back-even for just a few minutes every night. Sing your song and love your coffee! YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!!!