Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a loaf of rice bread and a smile

i was lamenting about how
freaking hard it is to find something,
no, anything!
to eat that doesn't have flour in it,
and also how i was starving
without my daily swiss cake roll,
or two...

when a friend of mine heard me.
because i was lamenting out loud,

before i knew it i was begging
on my knees,
"PLEASE tell me i can eat this granola bar,
because it has oat flour, and i am starving!"

and she said,
"no, it may have been cut(?) with the same equipment
they use for wheat, and it could be cross-contaminated."

or something like that, i wasn't really listening after
the word "no" came out of her mouth, i was already
trying to think of something else to eat.

cupcakes, no.
birthday cake, no.
doughnuts, no.
cookies, no.
so. hungry.

later, when we were all picking up the girls from practice,
she walked in with a bag.
for me.
a loaf of rice bread.
and a smile.

"try this," she said.
"with peanut butter."

also in the bag -

i scarfed one of those suckers down in two bites,
and thought,
hmm, maybe i can do this after all.

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