Tuesday, August 10, 2010

all the difference

this weekend i missed
nyc by about 400 miles.

instead i spent the weekend in western ny
at mm's high school reunion.
fascinating people watching, btw.
with casinos.
fun times.

as i was getting ready,
i was also bathing kids,

i put on makeup,
i know, weird!
and dried my hair.
i know!

i walked into the bathroom
for some hairspray - i know! -
and g says from the tub,

"wow mommy! you look different!"

"yes, i dried my hair."

then he says,
"that and a little lipgloss,
makes all the difference!"

so true.
i know.
i just forget sometimes.


ann said...

i need to get me some lip gloss! love that g!

Anonymous said...

i hope mm noticed.