Sunday, June 27, 2010

sunday confession

for the past four days
m has been at gymnastics camp.
all day.
(at pitt, but let's not talk about that part)
i was a nervous wreck.

aside from her learning some awesome new skills,
(and the p.i.t.t. cheer, but let's not talk about that part)
i learned something new too.

without m,
the other two
just don't know what to do,
so they -
get along.

m is the ringleader,
she brings the silly,
she has all the wacky ideas,
she is the catalyst of the crazy.

and ya'll know,
even though i wouldn't change my life
for anything,
and i mean anything,

i surely can appreciate a good summer camp,
or two.

p.s. hail to pitt? really? ugh.
note to self, check into wvu's gymnastics camp.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

1 comment:

sherry lucas said...

For real..Pitt???? Haha. Just kidding..kind of. But it reminded me of the day I had to clarify to g that his Croc shoes were CHICAGO not Cleveland like he was telling everyone. I left out the fact that I was telling him this for his own safety in Pittsburgh. PS You should totally write a are brilliant! Hope you're having a great summer!